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  •  Weight Loss
  • - Lose anywhere between 5-10 kgs
  • - Drop a size or two in clothing
  •  Body Fat Reduction
  • - Drop up to 3% body fat
  • - Tone up your overall body composition
  •  Strength and Conditioning
  • - Improvement in fitness and endurance
  • - 15-30% improved stamina
  •  Feel empowered through mindset training
  • - Clarity and direction in fitness journey
  • - Improved energy levels and motivation
When I take on new clients I constantly hear the same things over and over again.
How they've tried multiple diets and workouts, but can't seem to get the results they desire. "I'VE DONE SO MANY 30-DAY CHALLENGES AND STILL NO RESULTS!" - Victoria
Hours waisted throwing weights around without even knowing why, even missing a workout because of a busy lifestyle. "WORK WAS CRAZY TODAY, PROBABLY WON’T HAVE TIME FOR THE GYM" - Wendy
It frustrates them how they have been training for ages but still no changes.
If this sounds familiar then this FREE GUIDE is exactly what you need. In this guide we solve all of these problems with 8 SUPER EASY daily tasks you can do anywhere, anytime.
  •  SMART Movement Plan
  •  Optimal Nutrition Guide
  •  Mindset and Clarity Checklist
  •  Daily Mindset Ritual 
Dansformed her Mindset 
Victoria - Busy GO GO GO Lifestyle
“Daniel is truly more than just a Lifestyle coach. He helped me start the journey to a healthier me. Dan is one of the most positive and meticulous coaches I’ve ever engaged with! He holds me accountable on my nutrition, exercise regime and provides next-level motivation, all specific for me and my lifestyle. From exciting home workouts to cheat days and everything in between, will definitely work with Dan for the long-term.”
Dansformed her Fitness
Wendy - Not a fan of the GYM
Daniel has definitely motivated me to think outside the box. I used to think that training and dieting would be stressful and ineffective... then I found this!
I've never felt so inspired to keep going, and who said you cant lose weight WITHOUT GOING TO THE GYM!
You haven't lived till you've tried a Dan Shake! So yum
Dansformed her Nutrition
Christina - Advanced FITNESS Junkie
Big shout out to Dan at 1TeamHealth for helping me balance my nutrition so I can focus on loosing fat not muscle. Was a seamless process and would definitely recommend. I started my fitness journey about a year ago and was losing fat but also losing muscle.
Now I'm fitter, faster and stronger.
Why Dan?
Im Dan, and I've lost over 92 kilos through diet and exercise. Based on many years of experience I have decided to start 1TeamHealth. 

1TeamHealth is where people come to join a community and get the body of their dreams through health and fitness. We help members by providing coaching services that get results and make you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in.

Being able to connect with my clients on an emotional level is extremely important to me. By sharing my personal journey with them, it helps inspire others to not only reach their health and fitness goals, but to form a community and together tackle obesity!

It also gives my clients trusts that I know the roadblocks and hurdles they are going to experience along the way because like them I have also undergone a massive transformation.
My mission is to take Australia out of the top 40 overweight countries in the WORLD.

"I know what it takes, emotionally, mentally and physically to overcome all fears, roadblocks and challenges. Unlike others I wasn't born FIT! " - Daniel Trajkovski

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